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Intelligent Traffic Systems AD is the first registered service provider for electronic toll charging (NTSP)

By a decision of the Board of Directors of RIA No 20969 of 18.12.2018, Intelligent Traffic Systems AD (ITS AD) is registered as service provider for electronic toll charging (National Service Provider).

As official partner of RIA, ITS AD operates under the brand name Vinetki.bg. Customers could purchase the new electronic vignettes online at www.vinetki.bg.

The distribution of electronic vignettes is realized through partners in order to provide more convenience and greater accessibility to our customers. ITS AD has launched the sale of electronic vignette together with A1 Bulgaria, which is the first telecom where electronic vignettes can be purchased from. Electronic vignettes are now available in thousands points of sale: A1 Bulgaria shops, EasyPay cash desks, OMV, Lukoil and Bulgarian Posts offices.

As of August 16, 2019, the owner or user of Heavy Goods Vehicle weighing over 3.5 tonnes shall pay, according to the distance traveled, a toll tax for using the paid road network, but not vignette fee that needed to be paid until that time.

ITS AD will deliver the most contemporary, high-tech solutions to all its customers owning or managing heavy goods vehicles. This will allow them to easily, accurately and quickly track the distance travelled directly from their vehicles.

Fleet management will be optimized and controlled by in-vehicle on-board devices that will seamlessly, reliably and in real time will transmit data to the central system for reporting and charging tolls.

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