The e-Vignettes sale is carried out through Винетка.онлайн ЕООД |, via the e-store of ITS AD.

General Information

Electronic vignette or e-Vignette - is an electronic document within the meaning of Article 3, para 1 of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act. It has a unique identification number and contains data on the vehicle license plate number, the country in which it is registered, its category, the date of payment of the fee and the period of validity.

From 1 January 2019, all cars must have an electronic vignette, e-Vignette in order to certify that they have a paid vignette fee for using the paid road network in Bulgaria.

Vignette stickers with term of validity after 31.01.2019 remain valid until their expiration.

How to buy e-Vignette?

e-Vignette for paid vignette fee can be purchased by the owner or user of the vehicle or by any third party who has the necessary data mentioned above.

The control for purchased eVignette shall be carried out by stationary and mobile cameras, by detecting the registration plate numbers of the vehicles.

Who should have bought e-Vignette?

All categories of vehicles mentioned below must hold valid e-Vignettes from 01 January 2019:

  • Category 1 (Heavy goods vehicles)

    Road vehicles designed to transport goods, construction machinery, wheeled tractors and other, with 2 (two) and more axles with technically permissible maximum mass of 12 (twelve) tons and above.

  • Category 2 (Heavy goods vehicles)

    Road vehicles designed to transport passengers, with more than eight (8) seats apart from the driver's seat as well as road vehicles designed to transport goods with two (2) axles and/or with maximum permissible mass of less than 12 (twelve) tons.


    Owners or users of Category 1 and Category 2 vehicles (heavy goods vehicles) shall purchase an e-Vignette with a maximum validity period until 15.08.2019. After this period, a fee for distance driven - toll – is introduced.

  • Category 3 (Passenger cars)

    Road vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers with no more than eight (8) seats, road vehicles designed for the transportation of loads and/or road vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers and loads, including with a trailer, with a technically permissible maximum mass of up to 3,5 tons as well as the all-terrain vehicles from this group.

  • When a road vehicle of Category 3 is coupled to a trailer/caravan, irrespective of the number of axles of the trailer/caravan, the owner or user must pay an additional vignette fee for the same vehicle category with the trailer attached, provided that the maximum technically permissible mass of the composition exceeds 3,5 t.

What are the e-Vignettes validity periods?

  • - For Category 1 and 2 - for day, week and month;
  • - For Category 3 - for weekend, week, month, quarter, year.


The date of initial activation of the e-Vignette cannot be more than 30 days from the date of purchase.

What data should be entered when purchasing an e-Vignette?

When purchasing an e-Vignette, the buyer is required to enter the license plate number of the vehicle, its category and indicate the period of validity of the vignette fee.

The owner, user and/or third party - the buyer is responsible for incorrectly entered data about the license plate number of the vehicle, its category and indicated period of validity of the vignette fee. In this case, the vignette fee shall be deemed not to have been paid for the respective vehicle after the information with incorrectly declared data has already been filed.


In case of incorrectly entered data and activated e-Vignette, the amounts paid are not subject to refund.

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