The e-Vignettes sale is carried out through Венци - ЕООД | Taho Ventsi, via the e-store of ITS AD.

Useful advice

  • Registering an account on website will make it easier for you to buy an electronic vignette and give you access to additional functionalities:

    - checking the validity period of electronic vignette you have purchased

    - receiving e-mail notifications about the expiration of the validity period of an electronic vignette for your vehicle

    - entering and saving data for several vehicles and subsequent easily purchasing a new electronic vignette only by entering new dates of activation and validity period

    - saving your purchase data, and more.

    To sign up, go to the „Registration Menu“ on the homepage of website.

  • Before purchasing, carefully verify all the data required for electronic vignette activation: registration plate number of the vehicle, vehicle category, the electronic vignette validity period and the date from which you want the electronic vignette to be activated. The responsibility for incorrectly entered data is entirely borne by the person who purchases the electronic vignette and in case of incorrectly entered data and activated electronic vignette, the amounts you have paid are not subject to refund;

  • As of 01.01.2019, prices of electronic vignettes for trailers and caravans, coupled with passenger cars and light goods vehicles of Category 3, are set as follows: When a road vehicles of Category 3 - passenger cars is coupled to a trailer/caravan, irrespective of the number of axles of the trailer/caravan, the vehicle owner or user must pay an additional vignette fee for the same vehicle category with the trailer attached, provided that the maximum permissible mass of the composition does exceed 3,5 t.

  • In case of purchase and sale of a motor vehicle registered in the Republic of Bulgaria with a valid electronic vignette and if it is necessary to change its registration plate number (for example, the vehicle is registered in the city of Sofia and the new owner is resident in the city of Varna and will perform a new registration, in which will obtain a new registration plate number of the purchased vehicle), it is necessary the Road Infrastructure Agency to be informed within 3 (three) working days of the conclusion of the contract for the purchase and sale of the motor vehicle, in order for the ownership change to be entered in the electronic system for electronic vignettes issued. Otherwise, the motor vehicle will not have an active electronic vignette and you are subject to a sanction by the control authorities if you drive it without a valid electronic vignette.

  • One-year free of charge vignette is applied for persons with 50 or more than 50 per cent reduced working capacity or type and degree of disability, as well as to persons of families raising children with permanent disabilities up to 18 years of age and until the end of the high school education period, but not later than 20 years of age. An application for issuing free of charge vignette shall be filed with the “Social Assistance” Regional Directorates, according to procedure in Ordinance №19 of 02.12.2008.

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